Handicap calling system

EyeT Global Software Solutions


Our Handicapped People Call Framework offers a solid and adaptable call framework for use in latrine and washroom offices. The framework is snappy and simple to introduce, configurable to client determination, and can interface various latrine and washroom focuses to a focal announcing station for speedy and proficient area of any individual who ends up in trouble.

The Crisis Call Catch and Light Framework incorporates a remote medical caretaker call button with pull-line, a remote reset button, and a call alert with light. Perfect for restroom and foyer notice frameworks. All segments are handily mounted on most surfaces with no hard wiring required. At the point when the call button is squeezed or the call button pull-line is pulled, a remote sign is sent to the Call Light, which cautions perceptibly and outwardly. Call Light requires four C batteries, excluded. The framework is additionally perfect for zones in which individuals with a versatility impediment or others in need can call for help.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof
  • Discernible and Noticeable Alarm
  • No Hard Wiring
  • Self-Glue Divider Mounting
  • Perfect for Washroom Use
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